Tutoring is now available from the authors of Quantopia.net! We can help with undergrad/postgrad courses in Financial Mathematics, with project work for the CQF or Masters in Mathematical Finance courses, interview preparation and mock interviews for aspiring quants, or anything else you might be after!

Please get in touch at “tuition(at)quantopia.net” with what you’re after and we’ll give you a rough idea of what we can provide (most tuition will be tailored to you specifically). Tuition is currently available in London and Hong Kong, cost will be approximately £150/HKD1500 per contact hour.

3 thoughts on “Tutoring”

  1. I have two questions and will appreciate your help in this:

    How do you price an Interest Rate Swap?
    Can you do it by OIS discounting or self-discounting?


  2. Hi,

    Can you post an entry about Stopping time and reflection principle?

    Will really appreciate that!!!

    Thanks alot

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